Saturday, September 1, 2012


I felt so grateful to spend an afternoon in this mountain plateau in Italy this summer.  It is indeed more heavenly than you can imagine.

Castelluccio is about 30 miles northeast of Assisi.  Passing through Norcia, and up winding roads we imagined Ferraris would test-drive, our breath was taken away when we reached the overlook of the valley below.  I had to summon all my inner-patience as we made our way down to park in the valley floor.  We visually dove into the poppies, rapeseed flowers, and wildflowers. Again and again we praised those who had the vision to cultivate this land, and to the Creator for manifesting this fertile and gorgeous site.

Dodging the clouds and sunspots kept us in suspense all day, waiting for the perfect Divine Lighting to add spotlights to the scene!
Castelluccio 16'' x 20'' Oil on Linen