Tuesday, October 4, 2016

When Life Gives You Lemons....

....Give Life Love

....Give Life Your All

....Give Life Your Smiles

....Give Life Your Heart

Over the years, the desire to create certain paintings has come up from my deepest center.  These paintings were gifts to those who have lost their dear ones, in hopes their days might be brightened.
 I was recently in London at the National and Portrait Galleries.  I imagined how bereft humanity would be without those fabulous images of great persons in history, whether drawn, painted, or photographed for posterity. 
The Royal Academy of London exhibit show was 82 full length portraits, done by David Hockney over a two year period.  They were totally modern, different than the Old Masters, and equally riveting because of Hockney's conviction to spend three days with each of the sitters.
And, yes, you could make Lemonade, but I'd rather paint!