Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Not-So-Secret Tips for Painting Success

Not-So-Secret Tips & Collected Quotes

What 'draws' you to compelling compositions?

Find designs and images that catch your eye immediately 

Talk to your choice by asking what is the emotion or feeling that you relate to?  


Write down in words what you like about it before you begin to sketch....and consider some of the expert's advice:

1.   A Line is a Dot that Went for a Walk ~ Paul Klee
2.  Squint at your subject and Squint at your Painting often. Squint for Values,
      Open eyes for Color.
3.  A Painting is: Passages of Light and Shadow, and Abstract Shapes of Colors
4.  Paint Sensations, not Objects!
5.  Design is Everything ~ William Merritt Chase
6. Think more, paint Less ~ Sebastian Capella 
7.  If you don't know What to do, Just do Something ~ Helen Van Wyk

All the best,