Thursday, April 26, 2018

Does Art Imitate Life? True or False?

Does art Imitate Life?  True or False?  
 Why it's more false than true.....
Art investigates possibilities in life
 Art invigorates passion for life
Art interprets the context of Life
Art inspires expansion in Life 
Art instigates creativity in Life
Art increases scientific observations of Life
Art inscribes both sacred and profane records about Life

Only highly representational artists attempt to imitate Life, so what about the rest of us? 
Every person is an artist.. there, I said it

How, you may ask, do I tap into the dream side of my brain and explore?
It's so easy!!
1. Sit for 5-10 minutes with eyes closed to let thoughts settle down...then grab an idea or   picture that is floating by. 
2. Put that image into a few words on paper -  perhaps write a poetic concept of your vision.. use your non-dominant hand to write without censoring yourself.
3. Take a photo of a shape, object, or texture, to help hold the idea in place..

4. Keep writing - imagine 3 ways you could describe this emotion you're having on the paper or canvas.
5. Now grab a pencil, pen, fingers, or paint and begin with a baby step...

 ( a giant step is ok, too)
and MAKE SOME MARKS on paper.
''Come! There's a field beyond good and bad!  I'll meet you there.'  ~ Rumi

Next time, I'll guide you in the next step to express more of your Self. 

Happy scribbling, doodling, and getting in the flow 
of color and shapes.
All the best,
ps. The only time is NOW!